About us

We will become a company creating true value and innovation under the ever-changing business management environment.

Food company selected by customers

We are Highland, a meat specialist food company ensuring safety, customer satisfaction, and coexisting society.

Company fulfilling sustainable value

Sustainable Value

Due to problems caused by climate change around the world, changes in the industrial environment, and unstable international situation, securing safe food is becoming a major requirement of our lives. Highland goes on a 300,000 km business trip every year to provide safe and healthy food from a clean area. We will strive for Sustainable Value in the food industry so that customers can safely enjoy the good food selected through strict standards and quality control.

Company pursuing true innovatio

True Innovation

Highland's innovation continues until food is served at the customer's table through a fresh, stable route. By building a unified manufacturing and logistics facility, we strengthen the cold chain from production to consumption and provide customized products as well as topnotch quality. We will achieve True Innovation by constantly challenging ourselves to become a company that satisfies our customers and which can be trusted by our customers.

Highland Foods prioritizes customer needs

Great People

Executives and staff members of Highland Foods constantly search, study, and negotiate to procure safe and healthy food from clean environments. We proudly present our experts who values the importance of good and healthy food more than anyone else. As GREAT PEOPLE, who shares the value of food with their experience and expertise, we do our best at every moment for customer satisfaction.

Company spreading around the world

Global Company

Highland has achieved a high growth rate of 25% over the last five years as a result of exerting efforts to supply high-quality food at reasonable prices based on stable trusting relationships with global partners around the world. We will do our best to become a global company that contributes to the globalization of K-food based on our manufacturing and processing capabilities, refusing to be contented with being the No. 1 company representing the domestic meat import industry.